Nicoleta Demian – Body and Technology in Contemporary Dance Composition

Nicoleta Demian – Exploration of Body Language in Technologic Dance

Nicoleta Demian – Dynamic of the scenic image in dance performance

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Polina Stănescu – Methods for maintaning and stimulating motivations in choreographic disciplines

Ruxandra-Mihaela Enache – The Challenges of Online Modern Dance Teaching

Ruxandra-Mihaela Enache – The Lester Horton Dance Technique – cognition and musicality in dance education

Luminița Toader și Cristina Toader – Music and the development of Emotional Intelligence in the Choreographic Creation Process

Horațiu Cherecheș – Cognitive-affective aspects in the process of choreographic creation

Iulia Cibișescu-Duran – Interdependence of choreographic and musical improvisation in the contemporary experimental show