Pulse of the City 04.29.2022

Pulse of the City an interactive multimedia dance performance, a cooperation of choreographer Nicoleta Demian and visual artists form University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Using different 2D and 3D animation techniques, video projections and video-mapping both on the dancers’ bodies as well as on the stage’s background, a combination is created between the reality in proximity of the dancers’ movements and gestures that perform in the space and in real time in front of the public and between the elements of videography, which offer the public access to view the performance also from other angles.

The performance was presented in Dance Days Festival.

Dancers: Ișvanca Aurora, Maioru Diana(anul I), Călușer Flavia, Ciornea Larisa, Dindelegan Melania, Matei Răzvan, Mon Antonio, Șerdean (Sima) Gabriela, Tomescu Alina (anul II), Ciocmărean Mihai, Dulca Francesca, Felecan Georgiana, Florescu Roxana, Istrate Alexandra, Supuran Clara (anul III).