Pulse of the City 04.29.2022

Pulse of the City an interactive multimedia dance performance, a cooperation of choreographer Nicoleta Demian and visual artists form University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Using different 2D and 3D animation techniques, video projections and video-mapping both on the dancers’ bodies as well as on the stage’s background, a combination is created between the reality in proximity of the dancers’ movements and gestures that perform in the space and in real time in front of the public and between the elements of videography, which offer the public access to view the performance also from other angles.

The performance was presented in Dance Days Festival.

Dancers: Ișvanca Aurora, Maioru Diana(anul I), Călușer Flavia, Ciornea Larisa, Dindelegan Melania, Matei Răzvan, Mon Antonio, Șerdean (Sima) Gabriela, Tomescu Alina (anul II), Ciocmărean Mihai, Dulca Francesca, Felecan Georgiana, Florescu Roxana, Istrate Alexandra, Supuran Clara (anul III).

Pulse of the City 02.02.2022

Pulse of the Citydance performance intended to guide its audience through an imaginary town, a medium transfigured by metaphor and symbol.

Dancers: Ișvanca Aurora, Maioru Diana, Olah Agatha, Petean Eduard (anul I), Călușer Flavia, Căprar Crina, Ciornea Larisa, Dindelegan Melania, Matei Răzvan, Mon Antonio, Șerdean (Sima) Gabriela, Tomescu Alina (anul II), Ciocmărean Mihai, Dulca Francesca, Felecan Georgiana, Florescu Roxana, Iabloncik Dominik, Istrate Alexandra, Istvan (Luțai) Camelia, Supuran Clara (anul III), Berchez Teodora, Har Liviu, Ilincariu Andreea, Pes Giulia, Pop Cristina, Sălăjan-Morar Vasiana, Vanca (Părălește) Alina

Disdance 21

National Conference with International Participation
13th Edition, April 15th -16th 2021 (.pdf)

Disdance 21 – online dance-music performance, a cooperation of  choreographer Nicoleta Demian and TonArt Ensemble Hamburg, Germany, presented live-streaming in the Art and Education Conference.

Dancers: Iuliana Dane, Teodora Berchez, Smaranda Ciubotariu, Ștefania Kovesi, Raluca Perde, Daiana Rusmir, Vasiana Sălăjan

Musicians of the Ensemble TonArt Hamburg: Michael E. Haase – Guitar, Thomas Österheld – Guitar, Flute, Georgia Ch. Hoppe – Reeds, Ulla Levens -Violine, Kalimba, Caxixi, Manfred Stahnke – Table Guitar, Viola, Krischa Weber – Violoncello.

Entrée des fleurs

Entrée des fleurs – dance performance presented in SCENA Festival, inspired by the opera-ballet Les Indes galantes by J. Ph. Rameau Dancers: Avram Grigore, Berchez Teodora, Ciocmărean Mihai, Ciurbe Alexandra, Czinege Karla, Dulca Francesca, Felecan Georgiana, Florescu Roxana, Ilincariu Andreea, Lupaș Roberta, Perde Raluca, Părălește (Vanca) Alina, Pușcău Iulia, Sălăjan-MorarVasiana, Supuran Clara, Stupar Tudor.

The Song of a Life

The Song of a Life – dance performance inspired by the famous Isadora Duncan’s life.

Dancers: Polina Stănescu, Liviu Har, Maria Kovacs, Tudor Stupar, Grigore Avram, George Zăhanand the students’ ensemble.

Pianists: Fodorean Mihai și Hreniuc Laur

Isolde’s Song

Isolde’s song – a theatre-dance performance inspired by the homonymous volume of Iulia Cibisescu-Duran.

Dancers: Buta Raluca, Ciubotariu Smaranda, Lupaș Roberta, Man Jessica, Perde Raluca, Rusmir Daiana.

Sacre du printemps

Sacre du printemps – dance performance dedicated to celebration of 25 years of Dance section and of 100 years since the establishment of Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Dancers: Poka Ingrid, Raluca Perde, Har Liviu, Dan Haja, and students dance ensemble.

The Geometry of Echo

The Geometry of Echo – a project of digital, multimedia, interactive choreography. We combined contemporary dance techniques with audio and visual interactive techniques which were produced by visual artists coordinated by Diana Drăgan-Chirilă and Andrei Budescu. Dancers’ movements had been continued by graphics and conversely, the graphics generated the motion – the dancers’ body becoming the entity where the real and virtual melded. (it was a performance presented in the ElektroArts Festival)

Dancers: Filipaș Adelina, Gribincea Augustin, Lupaș Roberta, Perde Raluca, Siminic Oana, Stupar Tudor.

Divers Dimensions

Diverse Dimensions – was a performance presented in the ElektroArts Festival. Choreographic moments explore body -space relation that is conditioned by digital technology – visual technique is “dictating” the body language and not the mere body motion. Dance is seen as a game of bodies in time and space, and what we offered to the audience was a wondering through a diverse space, in a diverse time, without emotional or figurative references, diverse dimensions composed by previous choreographic algorithms.

Dancers: Ciubotariu Smaranda, Dane Iuliana, Dezsi Carla, Filipaș Adelina, Gribincea Augustin, Groza Diana, Indrei Antonia, Lupaș Roberta, Man Jessica, Perde Raluca, Siminic Oana.